Wednesday, June 18, 2014

And the Winner is.....

First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you who left comments during our turn in the Clothworks American Made Brand Blog Tour. I enjoyed reading every comment.

Working with Clothworks during the tour was a true pleasure. The American Made Brand Cottons are an extremely fine quality of fabric. I'm all about texture and these feel amazing.
So, without further delay, the winner of the Clothworks bundle is Linda, msstitcher.
And the winner of the leftover bundle is Chiska.
I have contacted both winners and they will be receiving their beautiful fabric in the mail soon.
Thank you again for everyone who participated and please keep leaving those wonderful comments.
Sylvia Gauthier and Traci Marvel
Woolin Rouge Designs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AMB Blog Tour Behind The Scenes


Hello! It is me Traci Suzanne Marvel writing this blog post today on behalf
of my ever ~so~ talented
Today is a big day for her.
And I could not be more proud.

I am writing the behind the scenes version on our Woolin Rouge Review.
For the OFFICIAL Clothworks AMB Blog Tour Scheduled post

Ready for the behind the scenes version?
The story goes like this.

American Made Brand Blog

A few months ago, Sylvia was contacted by Candace, the Creative Director at Clothworks.
Candace was surfing the web hand selecting one designer from each state to participate in

and chose Sylvia to represent the state of Wyoming.

When Sylvia emailed me to tell me the news, I about fell off my chair!
Here is me on the phone with her.
"Clothworks? Really Clothworks?
You mean the Clothworks that licenses Laurel Burch and a stable of other amazing artists?


I then went to Clothworks website to read all about this amazing MADE IN AMERICA fabric.

Sylvia and I discussed ideas for what her Wyoming license plate would look like.
The stereotypical idea in people's head when they think of Wyoming is bucking broncs and cowboys.

 Sylvia was fresh off a road trip where she drove across her beautiful state and what permeated in her memory was miles and miles of mountains, prairie and the ever present antelope. She knew exactly what she wanted in her license plate.

So in true Woolin Rouge Designs fashion, I went to work sketching a "rough draft" of her idea,
sent it to her, and then she took it from there.

Here is my rough sketch.

Here is Sylvia's beautiful enhanced rendition.
 She thought it was important to portray one of Wyoming's most famous mountains, the Tetons.

Isn't it just adorable?

What happens next is that she will send the finished block to Candace at Clothworks.
All 49 of the other participating designers across the USA will do so also.
Clothworks will piece them all together and quilt then into one big beautiful quilt
 that will be exhibited at the
 2014 Fall International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, Texas.

Amazing right?

I am so proud of Sylvia.
Kudos to her consistent blogging of her quilting, sewing, rug hooking and now weaving projects.
I am one happy friend and partner.

So now here is the best part.

We will combine all comments to this post and comments left on
Two lucky winners will be chosen!

What will you win?

fat quarters from the 
American Made Brand Cotton Solids!
Grown and Made all right here in the
Good Ol' USA!!


A plethora of AMB fabric leftover from what Clothworks sent Sylvia.
Ay-yi-yi what GREAT leftovers!

Do you want to be eligible to win one of these prizes?
Simply leave a comment.

Feel free to say whatever you feel in your heart.
America is all about Freedom of Speech right?

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Woolin Rouge Designs Blog.
We believe in creativity and if you are reading this, you probably do too.

~ God Bless America ~

Looking forward to your comments

With Warm &;Wooly Regards,

Traci and Sylvia

Woolin Rouge Designs

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Coffee, Tea, or Bee? Mug Rug Series

Woolin Rouge is proud to announce our NEW Mug Rug Series, Coffee Tea or Bee!!

Each Mug Rug is 10 1/2"x6 1/2" when finished. Ours are made of wool of course. The patterns are available on our Woolin Rouge Website. Wool Kits will follow this week.
All the stitches used in the Coffee, Tea, or Bee? series is printed on the back of each cover for an easy reference guide.  
Imagine how much fun you will have when each of your guests has their own Mug Rug! They make great gifts and go together quickly and easily.
For the thread we use Aurifil Lana Wool Thread. It makes sewing these little gems a breeze! We love the quality of Aurifil so it's an easy choice for me.
We know you will love making these adorable Mug Rugs!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Almost Time for the American Made Blog Tour!

Just another reminder to check back here on Monday May19th when we depart on the AMB Blog Tour!  As we travel to all 50 states in this ‘virtual road trip’, we’ll be featuring 2 incredibly creative bloggers each day on our tour.  Each blogger is a representative of one of the 50 states and has been given the challenge of re-imagining a state license plate as a quilt block using Clothworks newest line of cotton solid fabrics- American Made Brand solids!   Woolin Rouge was chosen to represent the State of Wyoming! This might even be more fun than playing the license plate road trip game, as you’ll have the chance to collect each ‘license plate’ block to make into a quilt! Now what a fun souvenir that is!!
But the fun doesn’t stop there!!  During the AMB blog tour, there will be chances to win giveaways of some gorgeous American Made Brand solid fabrics!
Wyoming is the 44th State and the Wyoming pattern will be downloadable on our Woolin Rouge Blog as well as our Woolin Rouge Website
Save the date and forget packing the bags!  Sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea and sit yourself in front of your computer as we hit the road on the AMB blog tour- May 19th through June 20th.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I am so proud to announce that Woolin Rouge was chosen to represent Wyoming in Clothworks American Made Brand, Quilting Across America! (there are three separate links)

As most of you know, most of the fabric we quilters use is not produced in America. The fabric company Clothworks now has a brand of solids made right here in the USA called American Made Brand

To help promote traveling in America as well as buying American made fabric, Clothworks has solicited the help of 50 designers from each state in the USA to design a license plate size quilt block representing their state which they will have available.  We will have a blog tour of each of the states, two states at a time starting May 19th. The tour will have each states designer's blog in the order they became a state.
I will fill you in as it progresses.
We will also be having give-a-ways on each blog for a chance to win some of the American Made Brand solids. The colors are amazing and such a nice hand.

Stay tuned for more of our Quilting Across America progress.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


One of the things I have always loved about working with Traci Marvel is that nothing is written in stone. She always says, "We are a Cabaret, and Cabarets are acts that are always changing, so we can do anything we want." Life is a Cabaret isn't it. We can change what we are doing, or how we do things at any time. That is our idea behind having other artists we love on our website.

Well, being a Cabaret was the idea behind changing the way we bring wool to our customers. Before we had over 300 colors and 8 textures you could get them dyed on. Plus having to choose the amount you wanted. That concept proved to be a daunting task for some. We have enough decisions to make in a day and the pleasure of buying wool should not be one of those major decisions. Being a Cabaret, we decided to make wool packs instead of individual colors, which so far has proven to be a great idea.
The dyer, me, Sylvia Gauthier, needs to get busy and dye more packs now that we know how well they have been accepted. So head over to the website and see how things have changed.
Change is always good. We need to know that we can change how we do things, or who we are, to make our lives and the lives of others better.
Life is a Cabaret my friend!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffee, Tea, or Bee? New Rug Mug Series!


Our latest Woolin Rouge Pattern Series is called Coffee, Tea, or Bee? It is a series of 5 different flowers on mug rugs. A small wall hanging with all 5 of the flowers will be next. We want to have the kit packaged in mugs with the picture of the flower block printed on them. Our question is weather you would want the kit without the mug or with the matching mug? The difference would be about $10-$15 more in cost, but you could have your adorable matching mug to drink you favorite beverage from while using your mug rug. You could even have the whole series for you and all your friends while sewing, hooking, or just having a great time talking.
Just to wet your appetite even more is one more sneak peek.
Let us know what you think.