Thursday, April 10, 2014


One of the things I have always loved about working with Traci Marvel is that nothing is written in stone. She always says, "We are a Cabaret, and Cabarets are acts that are always changing, so we can do anything we want." Life is a Cabaret isn't it. We can change what we are doing, or how we do things at any time. That is our idea behind having other artists we love on our website.

Well, being a Cabaret was the idea behind changing the way we bring wool to our customers. Before we had over 300 colors and 8 textures you could get them dyed on. Plus having to choose the amount you wanted. That concept proved to be a daunting task for some. We have enough decisions to make in a day and the pleasure of buying wool should not be one of those major decisions. Being a Cabaret, we decided to make wool packs instead of individual colors, which so far has proven to be a great idea.
The dyer, me, Sylvia Gauthier, needs to get busy and dye more packs now that we know how well they have been accepted. So head over to the website and see how things have changed.
Change is always good. We need to know that we can change how we do things, or who we are, to make our lives and the lives of others better.
Life is a Cabaret my friend!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffee, Tea, or Bee? New Rug Mug Series!


Our latest Woolin Rouge Pattern Series is called Coffee, Tea, or Bee? It is a series of 5 different flowers on mug rugs. A small wall hanging with all 5 of the flowers will be next. We want to have the kit packaged in mugs with the picture of the flower block printed on them. Our question is weather you would want the kit without the mug or with the matching mug? The difference would be about $10-$15 more in cost, but you could have your adorable matching mug to drink you favorite beverage from while using your mug rug. You could even have the whole series for you and all your friends while sewing, hooking, or just having a great time talking.
Just to wet your appetite even more is one more sneak peek.
Let us know what you think. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Prairie Rose Rug School

Oh my, what an amazing time I had at Prairie Rose Rug School. Patty Tyrrell and I weren't sure what to expect at our first rug school, but we knew we would have fun. I have to say that as few as our expectations were, the week far exceeded them.

Our teacher was Michele Wise.  I said the first morning that if I never learned anything the rest of the week I had already learned more than I ever thought I would. She is absolutely the most amazing teacher, and that's not just coming from a first timer at rug school, it came from women who have gone to schools and camps for years. She taught us several different stitches, finishing techniques, color theory, and the list goes on. Michele was not only informative, she was a blast. If I ever get a chance to take a class from her again I will, not just because she's such a great teacher, but because I just plain enjoyed her company.
Check out the finishing technique on Michele's rug.

So many techniques in this rug of Michele's.
I can't talk about the school without talking about Suzi Jones, our Director. She is kind, organized, fun, and a pleasure to be with. I can't thank her enough for all her hard work, enthusiasm.  Her mother Pat Horn is a long time rug hooker also. She is also a wealth of knowledge and a heart of gold.
This is Suzi Jones and her rug at another camp. Yes I stole this picture from somewhere on the internet.

I also want to mention how wonderful EVERYONE in Assumption Abbey were. Every Monk I met was so fun. They go out of their way to make their guests feel welcome and the food was unbelievably wonderful. Every single meal was so special and even the breaks had fresh baked cookies, quick breads, and once we even had sticky buns.

I would like to lie and say I forgot my camera, but I didn't. I just didn't take pictures with it. I took pictures of people, just not rugs. I know, what was I thinking?! Obviously, I wasn't. I didn't even take any with my phone. So the next pictures are ones Patty Tyrrell, my traveling partner, room mate, and good friend took.
 This is one hooked by Michele Wise. It is a McGown pattern that she changed the background on.
Carolyn Godfread designed and hooked this stunning rug. She is an absolute blast to sit next to the whole week.

 The one on the right is hooked by Pat Horn. She used the tan windowpane that I use to over dye and can sell on our website for the entire background. She said that even non-rug hookers comment on her background.
 Another rug hooked by Pat Horn and I think the design is by Jojolee Designs. I could be wrong with that name.
Sue Cunningham hooked this one . She was a blast to sit next to too. In fact she is another Wyoming girl! She lives in Laramie.

 Brother Lluellyn Kouba hooked this outstanding masterpiece and was working on another equally beautiful rug. In fact he has done a few. He paints and is an amazing potter for the Abbey. He was such a pleasure to meet, as were all the Monks.
 This adorable doll is by  Michele Wise. She is just so creative!!
So this is just a little about my adventure. I certainly hope to go back next year!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Love About Aurifil Lana Wool Thread

So many times, I'm asked what I love about Auriful Lana Wool Thread. Even though I think it's an easy answer, it is actually a long answer. If I could only answer in a few words they would have to be Quality, Consistency, Value, and Variety of Colors.

Working with Aurifil Lana Wool Thread on wool is so amazing. The wool thread just melts into the wool. It can either be hidden using an applique stitch, or show beautifully in a button hole stitch. The weight of the Lana Wool is perfect for all things applique with wool, whether a penny rug or a quilt.

With all the colors Aurifil has available in the Lana Wool Thread it is so easy to match any project I am working on. The Lana Wool Thread blends so beautifully with any wool.  I wish I had every color available in the Aurifil Lana Wool, but there are SO many!

I mentioned Quality. With all Aurifil threads, the quality is always the highest of any on the Market. I have never had one single problem and I have sewn hundreds of quilts with Aurifil thread. I have even machine quilted with the Lana Wool Thread using a size 100 needle. My threads never break, twist, or bunch up. When sewing by hand it glides through my projects like butter.

And then there is Value. At first glance Aurifil seems like it might be pricier than other threads but in reality it is a much better value. I made a white works quilt once that used barely over 1 spool of Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread. I estimated it would have taken over 30 spools of the other brand of thread I was using before switching to Aurifil.  So at first it seemed like it was more expensive but in the long run I saved a fortune. The thread is finer, even though it is the same weight, and you can get more on a bobbin than any other 50 wt thread.  Even with the Lana Wool Thread, I can use one spool and many many projects and never run out of thread. With all the wool applique I have done, I have only had to replace one spool of green because I ran out, and believe me, that's a lot of projects! Simply, you get what you pay for.

Aurifil Thread is Consistent. In all the hundreds of spools of Aurifil thread I have owned, and I have 50 wt. cotton for quilting and sewing, 12 wt. cotton for hand embroidery, and Lana Wool for my wool projects, I have never had one bad spool of thread. I never have to worry about knots and big chunks in the thread. Oh, and speaking of knots...when I do my hand work, it doesn't twist up and knot like other brands do.

Basically, the short answer to why I love Aurifil Lana Wool Thread is that it is PERFECT!