Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome To Woolin Rouge Review!

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."


Traci Here~
It is official!
Sylvia and I finally have a website. Yes we do. Please visit to see not only our patterns, but the big news is...we now have our very own Woolin Rouge Signature wool palette.
Thanks to Sylvia.  She is the master Woolin Rouge wool dyer.  As for me? I am the master Woolin Rouge Wool promoter and appreciater.  Somehow I think I have the better end of the deal.

Sylvia has created 335 colors of wool for you to choose from.  The colors are so rich they look like they should have calories!

Today I decided that I was going to begin a color of the week promotion.
I will be using one of my photographs as a muse to create a new color combination.
Here is the photograph and colors I chose for this weeks promotion:

Sylvia and I are very excited about new designs that we have on our drawing board.  We are especially excited now that we can create with our own signature palette. Hope you visit our website  If you do make sure to sign the guestbook.  Oh and sign up for our newsletter too!
I am off to my Art Shack to work on a mug rug design that I am creating for an All About Applique tutorial.  I dreamt about the design last night in my sleep.  Now let's see if I can recreate it! 
Au revoir!

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