Saturday, June 29, 2013

.~Woolin Rouge Color Palette of the Week.~

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
                                                 ― Claude Monet

The luscious colors above can be found at

Friday, June 28, 2013

.~ Setting Sail.~

“In a spirit of hope and new beginnings, we linked arms like a couple of kids. Pushing aside sad thoughts, we strode off into our future.”   A.B. Shepherd

Traci Here: Sylvia and are just beginning our adventure and we are so excited about the path before us.  As of lately, Sylvia's been dying wool and I've been marketing it.

We have many quilt shops that are interested.
If all goes as planned, hopefully, you will be able to walk into your local quilt shop and see Woolin Rouge's Signature Wool in person!

One thing that is very important to Sylvia and I is that brick and mortar quilt shops stay in  business.

We encourage you to support your local quilt shop.  One store that just picked up our signature wool line is Bella Quiltworks in Tucson, AZ.  Sylvia is dying wool for Joelee today and it should ship next week. Thank-you Bella Quiltworks!

You can also find our wool at Scrap Apple Quilts in St. George, UT
and Quilts & More in Sydney, MT

Inch by inch the snail reached the ark, right?

Other things in the works are classes.
I am now booking classes for 2013/2014.
If your quilt shop or guild is interested in having a Woolin Rouge Workshop,
please have them contact me at

I thought of a very fun class just this morning.
It is called Wine, Woman and Wool!

What's it about?
Don't know yet,  but doesn't it sound so fun?

Two Very Special Upcoming Events!

#1. Mark Lipinski from Creative Mojo invited Woolin Rouge to be his guests on his radio show.
Save the Date! July 3rd, 2013. Show airs live from 3-5 EST.  If you miss the live show, no worries you can always hear it later on a podcast.

Listen in July 3rd, 2013
#2 Denise Russell from Pieced Brain is doing a blog interview with us.  She is also going to review our Humming Birdie pattern.  I encourage you to visit Denise does wonderful book reviews and tutorials.  Sylvia and I are honored that she is including us on her blog.
I will keep you posted as to when the article is up.
That is it for today.  I have a few computer related things to do other than that Friday is the day that I am to frolic in my art shack.  Wonder what new things will happen in there today!
Hope you have a magical day!
Warm & Wooly Regards From Sylvia & Traci


Thursday, June 27, 2013

.~Words, Textures, Photos.~

Traci Here: Three of my most favorite things in life are quotes, wool and photography. 
Look how lovely they all go together.
The wool pictured on the left is 112-2.
Click here 112-2 to see it up close and personal.

Monday, June 24, 2013

.~ Journey to Christmas.~

No great thing is created suddenly.
Traci Here:
Over the weekend I was thinking about how quickly this year is going by.  I spent all of Sunday cleaning my house preparing for a 4th of July family gathering.  Really?  July 4th is just 10 days away!
If July 4th is only 10 days away, how many days until Christmas?
Want to know? Christmas is only 183 days away.  Now that might seem like a lot to many people, but if you are a person that likes to make handmade gifts for the folks on your Christmas list, it really puts things in perspective.  Now is the time to begin!
I have decided that this week I am going to begin my Journey to Christmas Checklist.
Here are some things that I will have on my list:
1. Write down names of who  want to create handmade gifts for this Christmas
2. By each name jot down a thought or an idea of what I would like to make for each person.
3. Create a realistic timeline.  How much time will it take to make each gift.
Journey to Christmas Checklist:
Name                                               Gift                                                                          Timeline 
Kerri                                    Wool Applique' Christmas Tree Skirt's                      Approx. 7 Days
Kerri and Jami are my two sister's. For Christmas I want to buy them both this little silk tree that I discovered on the Quality Silk's website.  Isn't it cute?
And then I want to create a mini wool appliqué' tree skirt that will go with. My idea is to take the applique's elements from the Star Light Snow Bright pattern and put them around the little tree skirt.
I think it will be adorable. 
And then for following Christmas' I can make them little Christmas ornaments to decorate with.
It will be the gift that keeps on giving year after year.
Now this sounds like a great idea right?  But will get this idea in the end zone?
                                                              I guess only time will tell!
What kind of handmade Christmas gifts will you be making this year?
  Love to hear from you!
Au revoir~


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome To Woolin Rouge Review!

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."


Traci Here~
It is official!
Sylvia and I finally have a website. Yes we do. Please visit to see not only our patterns, but the big news is...we now have our very own Woolin Rouge Signature wool palette.
Thanks to Sylvia.  She is the master Woolin Rouge wool dyer.  As for me? I am the master Woolin Rouge Wool promoter and appreciater.  Somehow I think I have the better end of the deal.

Sylvia has created 335 colors of wool for you to choose from.  The colors are so rich they look like they should have calories!

Today I decided that I was going to begin a color of the week promotion.
I will be using one of my photographs as a muse to create a new color combination.
Here is the photograph and colors I chose for this weeks promotion:

Sylvia and I are very excited about new designs that we have on our drawing board.  We are especially excited now that we can create with our own signature palette. Hope you visit our website  If you do make sure to sign the guestbook.  Oh and sign up for our newsletter too!
I am off to my Art Shack to work on a mug rug design that I am creating for an All About Applique tutorial.  I dreamt about the design last night in my sleep.  Now let's see if I can recreate it! 
Au revoir!