Monday, June 24, 2013

.~ Journey to Christmas.~

No great thing is created suddenly.
Traci Here:
Over the weekend I was thinking about how quickly this year is going by.  I spent all of Sunday cleaning my house preparing for a 4th of July family gathering.  Really?  July 4th is just 10 days away!
If July 4th is only 10 days away, how many days until Christmas?
Want to know? Christmas is only 183 days away.  Now that might seem like a lot to many people, but if you are a person that likes to make handmade gifts for the folks on your Christmas list, it really puts things in perspective.  Now is the time to begin!
I have decided that this week I am going to begin my Journey to Christmas Checklist.
Here are some things that I will have on my list:
1. Write down names of who  want to create handmade gifts for this Christmas
2. By each name jot down a thought or an idea of what I would like to make for each person.
3. Create a realistic timeline.  How much time will it take to make each gift.
Journey to Christmas Checklist:
Name                                               Gift                                                                          Timeline 
Kerri                                    Wool Applique' Christmas Tree Skirt's                      Approx. 7 Days
Kerri and Jami are my two sister's. For Christmas I want to buy them both this little silk tree that I discovered on the Quality Silk's website.  Isn't it cute?
And then I want to create a mini wool appliqué' tree skirt that will go with. My idea is to take the applique's elements from the Star Light Snow Bright pattern and put them around the little tree skirt.
I think it will be adorable. 
And then for following Christmas' I can make them little Christmas ornaments to decorate with.
It will be the gift that keeps on giving year after year.
Now this sounds like a great idea right?  But will get this idea in the end zone?
                                                              I guess only time will tell!
What kind of handmade Christmas gifts will you be making this year?
  Love to hear from you!
Au revoir~


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