Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffee, Tea, or Bee? New Rug Mug Series!


Our latest Woolin Rouge Pattern Series is called Coffee, Tea, or Bee? It is a series of 5 different flowers on mug rugs. A small wall hanging with all 5 of the flowers will be next. We want to have the kit packaged in mugs with the picture of the flower block printed on them. Our question is weather you would want the kit without the mug or with the matching mug? The difference would be about $10-$15 more in cost, but you could have your adorable matching mug to drink you favorite beverage from while using your mug rug. You could even have the whole series for you and all your friends while sewing, hooking, or just having a great time talking.
Just to wet your appetite even more is one more sneak peek.
Let us know what you think. 


  1. I thought about this. It would be nice to have the matching cups, and the price isn't prohibitive, but I probably wouldn't buy more than one. Is there a possibility of doing it both ways, so those who like to collect things, and have the money, could and those who don't have the money could just get the pattern or kit?

  2. Yes we will definitely have the kits both with and without the mugs. Thank you so much for your comment!